Slip Inside a Little Piece of Heaven

OMG I have been so buy and having so much fun with my regular group of subs that I haven’t been giving any attention to the new boys and yessss they are starting to pile up rather quickly!

The Venus Sway Makes you PAY

I’m being truly loved and adored by so many of you that I need you to take it to the next step for me to really know you’re one of my true puppets. Firstly, you’ll need to subscribe to My onlyfans account!

Secondly, you’ll need to send a tribute as a thank you for accepting you into MY world where I ONLY ALLOW the BEST boys to be. I want to be surrounded by love, pleasure and CASH … lots and lots of cash. So if you aren’t ready to truly stand out amongst the men who adore me, go ahead and keep hoarding those slave wages.

But when you’re ready to take it to the next level with ME, your financial domination Goddess you need to bend the knee. Bend the knee and take in my brainwash programming without resistance. That’s why you want to be on The Venus Sway. So you can be exposed to MY brainwash mindfuck techniques and taken to the next level of SERVITUDE!

When you’re floating high in those subby skies you’re in HEAVEN puppet. There is one way to experience heaven and that is by fulfilling your true purpose in life. Your true purpose happens to be serving a powerful femdom like ME.

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