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It feels so good to serve perfection


How to Serve Me

Spread the word of Haylee

Spread the word of Haylee and Empress Vox Siren!! Promote and gush about Me all over social media, and forums/blogs in a non spam way! Get creative, and get the word of ME out there! Bring others to Me. Start a blog, post reviews on reddit, and ALWAYS leave a review on niteflirt or My store for EVERY SINGLE mp3/clip you purchase!

Tribute Me

Tribute Me often and well. The most beneficial form of servitude to me is financial. This enriches My divine Goddess lifestyle and ensures that I get to live the life I not only want, but deserve! Work for ME, and give to ME. Surrender, Submit, SACRIFICE, slave.

Purchase a Custom mp3 or a Personalized mp3

Click on the Custom mp3 option on My store website and purchase a custom mp3 or personalized mp3. This is the absolute best way to experience a truly personal experience, and to bring all of your and most importantly MY desires to life. This is a way for me to give you 1 on 1 training, and to penetrate your mind deeper than you can even imagine.

Buy My Mp3s/Clips

One of the greatest ways to serve Me, while fueling your submissive needs and aching, is to grow your collection of My mp3s and clips. Support My masterpieces, and earn bonus points if you buy them all even if its not your specific fetish, because you know its pleasing and benefiting Me! The more pets support My masterpieces, the more I produce!

featured project

The Ultimate Experiment

This is the ultimate experiment. I am not telling you exactly what is in this, or what will happen when you listen, because I want you to give me feedback. This is an experiment. An experiment designed to further my ultimate goals. An experience unlike ANY other you have ever experienced.

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About me

Hypnotic Haylee

Mind Enchantress Hypnodomme

I am well known all over the internet for My hypnotic masterpieces. I can’t wait to be inside of your mind, where I shall stay and play as long as I please~ 😉

For My darker side- Findom and more visit Google Empress Vox Siren


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