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Preview of Lipstick ASMR

~Buy the full version on Niteflirt or Cliptress~

I normally wear Lime Crime long lasting liquid lipstick in My clips, but today I dug out some Mac and Buxom lipsticks and lipglosses so that I could leave a good lipstick print on plastic wrap for you.

Enjoy those spendid ASMR tingles while I whisper, make crinkling noises with the plastic wrap, and make those titilating kissing sounds

ASMR / Kissing / Kisses / Crinkling Sounds / Whispers / Whispering / Bra Fetish / Lipstick Fetish / Lipgloss Fetish / Mouth Fetish / Dark Lipstick

The deeper you go
The better it feels
The better it feels
The deeper you go

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Play My Games

I love to play all kinds of games. Findom games, retweet games, humiliation games, scavenger hunts. I love designing puzzles for you to solve or exciting and creative ways to drain your wallet and wash your brain. Follow My Twitter to keep up-to-date on My latest games, puzzles, and activities!

Dream of Me

Buy My MP3s, or better yet order a custom MP3 from Me, and listen to My MP3s every night while you drift to sleep so that I can continue to reprogram your mind even when you're sound asleep. I love controlling your dreams.

Drain your Wallet

I love it when a man spends on Me until he can't spend any more. Until there's nothing left to give. Drain your digital wallet, max out your credit cards, cash out your retirement fund and give it ALL to ME!

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Goddess Joules Opia

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